God Future

from by jjj with The Works

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Verse 1:
Joey's hidin' in his pouch again
poppin' pills, writin' raps on his couch again
avoiding people on the comfort of his house again
but, eventually gotta get up and out with them

I probably don't like you, but I might pretend
and you probably like me, you think we might be friends.
but, I can barely leave the house without a healthy dose
of liquor, pills and powders for my ass to cope

yea, I know I'm a fuckin' asshole, pass the coke
what you call a disease, I call an antidote
expensive habits, but, I spend to live
and I live it to win it, so bitch, I spend to win

if I'ma do it, I'm a do it and I'll do it right
and I'll do it right now, I've been through the fight
and I'm through with the fight, so, I'ma do it like,
it's the last thing I'm doin', not for you to like.

I've been bleedin', I've killed a fetus
I've sacrificed, I'm kinda like Jesus
Yea, I sound elitist, But, y'all don't see it
So, I don't wanna see ya' damn faces, I'm leavin'

Verse 2:

They just don't get it, but, I get it 'cause I get around, been around many faces
And it's better when I get high, so next time, so, let's just get silly wasted.
Face it, if you read my early pages, then you'd get it right away and cut a line,
Put it in my face, just to erase it

So, let's bake a cake and freebase, work around the bloody nose
Stay awake to make it, never sleep, I don't wanna miss the Truman show
Whether moving slow or fast, MDMA and dimetap,
Last one up, 'cause I'm a fuckin animal, no time to crash

I'm day bender, blending my days together, live a long life, in a short time
And the whole time, got both eyes open to the truth on both sides
Hope died when I was a youth a whole life, poached right in front of me,
Never say a thing about it, thought of giving, still think about it
Papa did it, motherfucker was a bitch about it, better off without 'em
I finally got it figured out

I figured out I can trust 'em all, but they can't trust me, so fuck em all,
I'm high as fuck, don't bust my balls, I press the red button when you try to call
I can't relate to your white people problems,
got the white skin, but, I seen the bottom
Got the white skin, but, different problems
So I get fucked up, just to hear you taking


from Big Phoney, released November 5, 2014
Guitar: Phil Burnadzic



all rights reserved


The Works Vancouver, British Columbia

The works is a community of Canadian musicians with 5 members at its core. Their individual diversity creates a unique sound that has drawn in audiences from around the world.

Showcasing several feels and working hard in all parts of the music industry, this collective produces results with professional reliability and organized execution.

Also, they're just great pals having fun.
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