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Life lessons for the kids.


Verse 1:

Trouble when I hear the lighter, beer cracked in my face,
So dependent on change, why can't I behave
Smoke my self self conscious round hunnies, never get sex
Hate myself anyways, let's just get wrecked

All my fella's in the place throw your drinks up
Ladies drink up, 'til you gotta throw your drinks up
Show up, already smashed and loud
Last time I passed out before I had to bounce
My homies think I'm lazy and I'm backin' out
But, when they worked all day, I smoked half an ounce
I'm tired, don't last as long as I used to
don't ask what's going on, I'm tuned, dude

Wake up, hungover, caffeine, nicotine
Life sucks when sober, smoke weed, get fatigued
jager bomb at lunch, take a nap after eating
rise and shine, make the call,
there's always something more I need.

Oh, I feel you creeping up and trying to sleep
and everything is spinning round in my mind
and you only seem to come around and dumb it down and fuck it up
As soon as I hear the sound, there's trouble

Verse 2:
I can't avoid it no more I'm so bored that it finds me
Try to be a good boy, but, I forfeited my mind
To be contorted, it's important to distort it sometimes
Just do it right kids, might as well enjoy the ride,

Snorting lines is way over rated though, when you paid in full
For the same price, you could send a family to space to see angels
And aliens, the brain is an amazing little mainframe,
Just download some chemicals and let it go play,

Take your dreams outside ya head and see magic,
In a cuddle puddle, everyone's friends beneath blankets
Sure you'll hug a couple people, you'll be so enthusiastic
Empathetic, loving every minute up until you crash

Just pace yourself, know your dealer or your face could melt
Take a sec and go and read testimonials sages left
On pages meant to show you how to go about your great ascent
Get sent to the cosmos, and wander round your brain a bit

Chorus x2:


from Big Phoney, released November 5, 2014
Synth, Vocals: Matt Beebe
Vocals: Kaboom Atomic
Guitar: Phil Burnadzic
Violin: Raquel Rawn

Lyrics written by: Kaboom Atomic, Matt Beebe, jjj



all rights reserved


The Works Vancouver, British Columbia

The works is a community of Canadian musicians with 5 members at its core. Their individual diversity creates a unique sound that has drawn in audiences from around the world.

Showcasing several feels and working hard in all parts of the music industry, this collective produces results with professional reliability and organized execution.

Also, they're just great pals having fun.
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